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1. Which is the Most Spoken Language Around Globe?

A. English

B. Chinese

C. Spanish

D. Portuguese

Correct Answer: B ( Chinese)

2. Who is the First Finance Minister of Independent India?

A. John Mithai

B. R.K. Shanmukhan Chetty

C. Liaquat Ali Khan

D. C.D. Deshmukh

Correct Answer: B (R.K. Shanmukham Chetty)

3. Present Secretary General of U.N.O

A. U Thant

B. Banki Moon

C. Antonio Guterres

D. Dag Hammarskjold

Correct Answer: C ( Antonio Guterres)

5. Who is the Founder of BlackBerry Mobile Company?

A. Steve Jobs

B. Ferruccio

C. Larry Page

D. Mike Lazaridis

Correct Answer: D ( Mike Lazaridis)

6. Who is the First Prime Minister of Great Britain?

A. Sir Robert Walpole

B. Tony Blair

C. James Callaghan

D. Gordon Brown

Correct Answer: A (Sir Robert Walpole)

7. Which is the Largest City in the World?

A. New York Metro

B. Yokohama

C. Sao Paulo

D. Seoul

Correct Answer: B (Yokohama)

8. Which is the Busiest Metro Station around Globe?

A. Shanghai Metro

B. New York City Subway

C. Beijing Subway

D. Porto Alegre Metro

Correct Answer: C ( Beijing Subway)

9. Which Film Made the Most Money Ever?

A. Avatar

B. Star Wars

C. Titanic

D. Gone with the Wind

Correct Answer: D (Gone with the Wind)

10. Who is the Archery Champion in 2016 Rio Olympics

A. Jean-Charles Valladont

B. Brady Ellison

C. Dai Xiaxoiang

D. Ku Bon-Chan

Correct Answer: D (Ku Bon-Chan)

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