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1.Arrange the Correct Sequence of Sea Ports of India From North to South

A. Mangalore – Calicut – Cochin – Thiruvananthapuram

B. Cochin – Mangalore – Calicut – Thiruvananthapuram

C. Mangalore – Cochin – Thiruvananthapuram – Calicut

D. Mangalore – Calicut – Cochin – Thiruvananthapuram

Correct Answer: A ( Mangalore – Calicut – Cochin – Thiruvananthapuram)

2.  Which Country does not share its Boundary with Myanmar?

A. Thailand

B. Laos

C. India

D. Vietnam

Correct Answer: D ( Vietnam)

3. Which is not a Petro Chemical Centre of India?

A. Jamnagar

B. Mangalore

C. Rourkela

D. Koyali

Correct Answer: C (Rourkela)

4. Which is the Planet in Solar System that does not have Satellite?

A. Earth

B. Mercury

C. Jupiter

D. Mars

Correct Answer: B ( Mercury)

5. Moon Light Reaches the Earth in ____ Seconds

A. 1.8

B. 2.98

C. 3.216

D. 1.30

Correct Answer: D (1.30 Seconds)

6. Which is the Planet that takes Maximum time to complete one round around Sun?

A. Jupiter

B. Earth

C. Venus

D. Mercury

Correct Answer: A ( Jupiter)

7. Which is the major Layer in the Earth’s Total Volume?

A. Mantle

B. Core

C. Crust

Correct Answer: B (Core)

8. India Ranks __ in the Production of Natural Rubber All over the World? 

A. 5th

B. 12th

C. 4th

D. 6th

Correct Answer: C ( Fourth)

9. Which is the Country that celebrates Christmas in Summer?

A. India

B. South Africa

C. New Zealand

D. Australia

Correct Answer: D (Australia)

10. Which is the Mostly Densely Populated Area in Europe?

A. Eastern Europe

B. Western Europe

C. Northen Europe

D. Southern Europe

Correct Answer: B (Western Europe)

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